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Excavator ESH 10/70 (ESH11/70)

Excavator ESH 10/70 (ESH11/70)
Excavator ESH 10/70 (ESH11/70)
Excavator ESH 10/70 (ESH11/70)

Excavator ESH 10/70 (ESH11/70) - full-revolving electric digging walking machine with dragline working equipment, widely used in a variety of earth-moving works.

This model is designed for excavation of ground of different categories: from 1 to 4 categories including when stripping overburden with direct dumping rock either into the mined-out space or to the pit side, and the soils of the category 3 and 4 must be previously blast-loosened.

Excavators perfect for working in any climatic zones as well as the ambient temperature can range from -50 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Specifications of excavators ESH 10/70 (ESH11/70) allows the machines to work effectively in different industries: the coal and mining industry, production of cement and building materials.

Spare parts for Excavator ESH 10/70 (ESH11/70)

Name Draft № Weight
1 Hoist winch 0-78823СБ 3814
2 Tooth-wheel gear ring (kit) 4-1008874-03 (1-169079) 9195
3 Tubular boom 0-79216СБ 48800
4 Roller ring 1-169946СБ 4083
5 Assembled support base 0-118950СБ 58603
6 Bottom rail ring 0-118924СБ 1729
7 Upper rail ring 8-17226СБ 2320
8 Tooth-wheel gear ring 1-169079СБ 9195
10 Pickup unit 1-184649СБ 6446
11 Shaft gear 7-2353 1620
12 Electrical machines (Generators, electric motors)